Infinity IT-9800 Massage Chair Review | Great Model For Bloggers

The Infinity IT-9800 massage chair is designed to provide an excellent massage while looking more like a standard recliner. As you can see from the pictures the airbags in the upper body have been taken out to give it the look of a standard recliner. However, this does not take away from its massaging abilities.

Due to popular demand, we have decided to write a review for this unique massage chair so you can get a better idea of what it has to offer you and how to buy right massage chair.

Infinity Massage Chairs

9800 massage chairInfinity massage chairs provide a unique set of massage chair models to the industry that provides a much more complete massage experience thanks to their inversion technology.

This technology uses gravity, the airbags and position of the chair to provide a stretch massage to large portions of your body that the back massage rollers would never reach. This leaves you with a much deeper sense of relaxation.

American Sized Massage Chair

The Infinity IT-9800 massage chair has a wide seat and comfortable arm rests that don’t make you feet constricted or cramped like many massage chairs can. This open design ensures that you are comfortable no matter your size.

Infinity IT-9800 Review | Massage

The Infinity IT-9800 massage chair uses a quad-style massage roller on a 27″ S-shaped track to apply the massage. This massage system ensures that your massage will have even pressure throughout your back and that it will reach from your hips to your shoulders. The quad-style massage roller is designed to recreate the movement of a human hand when applying a massage so the massage you receive feels comfortable and quite realistic.

Infinity IT-9800 Review | Unique Features

The Infinity IT-9800 massage chair has a couple of unique features worth mentioning that make it a bargain at its retail price. First, the leg rest features massage rollers that can apply a kneading style massage to your calves OR feet. Simply raise your feet into the leg massager to apply the massage to your feet. This style of massager can provide much deeper relief than airbags alone and allows those who don’t like foot massages to enjoy the massage rollers on their calves.

Another notable feature is that the IT-9800 massage chair is upholstered in genuine leather as opposed to synthetic leather like almost all of our other massage chairs. This means your seat will be much softer, and more comfortable.

Infinity IT-9800 Price

The Infinity IT-9800 massage chair retails for $3695 with a $400 coupon bringing the total you pay down to $3295. This massage chair is currently available in 3 colors, brown, black and beige all of which tend to sell out pretty fast.

Conclusion on 9800 Model

If you are looking for a comfortable massage chair and are worried about the airbags being too constrictive, or you need a chair that will easily blend with your decor, the IT-9800 massage chair is perfect for you.